Exarch Quintus

Lavinian Nobleman


Arrogant and a big meanie jerk at that! unfounded barbaric speculation

Quintus Valerius Kommenos Sulla

Scion of the venerable House of Kommenos, Exarch of the 4th Ward of the Western Dominion of the Rebel Territories Known as Gervastus and Quaestor to the Rightful Provincial Governor of Novo Ostia, Bearer of the Aquila of Lavinia, as ordained by the divine wisdom of the Imperator, Eternal is His Glory.


A Lavinian with holdings somewhere west of Novo Ostia. His lands include farms and ranches about half the size of Kastoria.

He has a retinue of about 20 legionaries, including half a dozen Principes (veteran legionaries) and a Wordspeaker named Secundus.

Exarch Quintus

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