Ingmar Olefson

Warpriest of Kalmar, and Squire of Ulrich Kreighammer




Orphaned as a young child after his parents were slain by a rampaging orc warband who appeared mysteriously one evening to sack his father’s small manor and holdings. Rescued and taken in by Sir Ulrich Krieghammer, his uncle and Knight of Kalmor from the burning ruins upon arriving with a relief force, only to find the raiders gone without leaving a trace as to where they had gone. The only clue as to the identity of the orc raiders recovered was a strange orcish blade found under his father’s charred body recovered from the ruins. A large, undecorated, but perfectly balanced bastard sword made and designed solely for combat the blade obviously possess some strange enchantment within it. Constantly coated with a thin layer of what appears to be of an acidic nature, the blade seems to burn and melt the edges of any wound caused with its sharp edge.

Sir Ulrich, being Ingmar’s closest remaining relative took him in and raised and trained him as a squire of his order of wandering knight-errant’s. Ingmar trained and traveled with his uncle for many years, training and learning the way of the world. All was well in Sir Ulrich’s and Ingmar’s world until the jealousy and pettiness of one of their own order’s members struck directly at Sir Ulrich’s honor. Lothar of the Mosi tribe of the Hill People, one of the few who had left his people to join the Knights of the Living Flame decided to forsake his vows and in a fit of jealousy drugged Sir Ulrich’s drink one night while Ingmar was away and stole his arms, armor, and horse and fled with his stolen goods, leaving the knight a shamed, penniless shadow of the man he had once been. Ingmar upon discovering his master and uncle robbed of his honor and gear, set out in pursuit of the traitorous Lothar. Following Lothar deep into the hills until he caught up to him just in time to see the villain throw his masters gear down a deep crevasse into an ancient sunken fortress known to be haunted by the restless dead before riding off with his laughter and taunts ringing in the air as he was helpless to stop him before Lothar made good his escape.

Ingmar Olefson

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